All-Porcelain Bridges

Natural–looking restoration

If you are missing a tooth, an all-porcelain bridge is a good option to replace it.

A bridge is attached to the neighboring teeth. 

The bridge is natural-looking because the artificial tooth is matched to the color of your teeth. This gives the appearance that the new tooth is part of your dental arch.

Teeth need each other. When an opposing tooth has nothing to chew against, it can tilt and protrude from its socket. This creates an area that is more susceptible to decay.

If you decide not to replace the missing tooth, your teeth can shift, causing gaps in your remaining teeth.

Advantages of a bridge

A natural-looking, all-porcelain bridge can— 
  • help you chew and speak properly.
  • keep other teeth from shifting.
  • help prevent problems with your bite or jaw. 

An all-porcelain bridge is a great option to restore the health of your mouth and your beautiful smile.

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