Indirect Resin Advantages

Natural-looking restoration

If you have a cavity on a back tooth, you can choose to restore it with a traditional amalgam, also known as a silver filling, or a natural-looking resin.

For increased strength and accuracy, this restoration, known as a indirect resin, is crafted in a lab.

It is cured under intense heat and light, which causes a chemical reaction that strengthens the material.

The resin is bonded to your tooth, making it stronger than it would be with a silver filling.

Resins have advantages over silver fillings. 
Because they bond with the tooth, less tooth structure is removed than with an amalgam filling.Some resin restorations contain fluoride that helps prevent decay.Resins can be made to match your natural tooth color, so they can blend in beautifully.
A resin restoration can be a great choice for a natural-looking smile.

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