Placing a Post and Core

A post and core replacement

When a tooth is severely broken down, there may not be enough tooth structure left to securely hold a crown. We use a post and core to replace the missing portion of the tooth.

The post is often made of metal or reinforced resin. The post is used to anchor a core, which is also called a buildup. For the core, we can choose from several materials, including composite resin.

The procedure

We place the post and core after root canal therapy has been performed on the tooth and before placing the crown. When the root canal treatment is complete, we shape the root canal to prepare a space for the post. We try in the post and then cement or bond it in place.

After the post is seated, we fill the tooth with the new core material. Some core materials harden on their own, while others are cured using a high-intensity light. Lastly, we shape the core material and the tooth to accept the crown. We then begin the steps necessary to create and place a new crown to cover and protect the tooth. 

The benefits of a post and core

Placing a post and core has several benefits. The treatment
supports the remaining tooth structure.provides better stability and retention for the crown.
A post and core procedure can be an important step for saving teeth that have been severely damaged by fracture or decay. 

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