Adjustments and Relines

Proper fit

New dentures are made to fit properly, but as the tissues in your mouth change over time, your dentures will need to be adjusted, relined, and eventually replaced.


A new denture often requires adjustments to relieve sore spots that may have developed while you are becoming used to your new denture. We can often make these adjustments right here in our office.


Dentures need to be relined because the fit of your denture will change noticeably over time. The main reason is that the bone in your jaw continually shrinks when natural teeth are missing. In fact, during the first three years, it is not uncommon to lose 40% to 60% of the jawbone. In addition, some habits, such as sleeping with dentures or grinding and clenching your jaw, can accelerate the shrinkage. Weight loss or gain can also change the contours of your gums. 

These changes mean that several months after you get your new denture, the surface of the denture base may need to be relined for a better fit. During the lifetime of the denture, it will periodically need to be relined again.


Every 5 to 10 years or so, your mouth will change so much that the denture simply needs to be replaced. Sometimes we can have the same teeth set in an entirely new denture base. In other cases, we will have an all new denture made for you. 

You may realize that your denture needs to be replaced 

  • a reline is not enough to improve the fit.
  • your mouth is always sore or irritated.
  • your facial features change.
  • you have diffi culty chewing certain foods.
  • the dentures fall out when you talk or laugh.
  • the denture teeth are worn or the denture is broken.
  • you have headaches or pain in your jaw joints or neck.

The importance of good fit 

It is important to wear dentures that fit well because loose or ill-fi tting dentures can lead to infections, sores, and excess scar tissue in the mouth. Poorly fitting dentures can make chewing more difficult and affect how your jaw muscles and joints function.

A denture is more comfortable and improves your appearance.

With regular care and upkeep, dentures can remain a functional and good-looking treatment for missing teeth. 

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