Flexible Partial Dentures

Removeable appliances

When several teeth in your upper or lower arch are missing, a flexible partial denture is a good treatment for replacing them. Flexible partials are removable appliances that are held in place by gum-colored clasps that fit around the necks of the remaining teeth. 

With proper home care and regular checkups, a flexible partial can provide a functional bite and a natural-looking smile.

Placing a flexible partial 

The process of making a flexible partial denture varies in each case, and it usually involves a series of appointments. We take impressions of your mouth, and an accurate model is made from these impressions. The lab uses this model to create a wax replica of the final denture, called a wax-up.

Depending on the circumstances, we may have you try in the wax-up, and we note any changes to the fit and to the color, shape, and placement of the teeth. We then send the wax-up back to the lab, and they process it to create the final denture. 

When the partial is ready, you try it in, and we make any necessary adjustments. 

The benefits of a flexible partial

Flexible partial dentures have several benefits. They help stop the remaining neighboring teeth from shifting. They balance your bite, so you chew better and have a healthier jaw joint. The denture is not bulky, so it fits comfortably, and the translucent materials blend in with natural tissues for a beautiful smile.

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