Immediate Dentures

When all of your upper or lower teeth must be removed, an immediate denture is a good interim treatment for replacing them. 

An immediate denture is one that is placed on the same day that the teeth are removed. 

With proper home care and regular adjustments, your immediate denture can provide a good short-term treatment for a functional bite and a natural-looking smile.

The benefits of an immediate denture

Immediate dentures have several advantages. They protect your gums and help control bleeding after the teeth have been removed. You are never without teeth, so you’ll have a natural-looking appearance, and you won’t need to learn how to eat and speak without teeth. Dentures also support your cheeks and lips for a more attractive smile. 

Placing an immediate denture

The process of making an immediate denture varies in each case, and it usually involves a series of appointments. To begin the process, an accurate model is made of your mouth before any teeth are removed. Then the model is modified to match the shape your gums will be after the teeth have been removed. The lab uses this model to create your new immediate denture. 

The next phase is to thoroughly numb your mouth and extract the teeth. Depending on the circumstances, we may gently close the gums with stitches. Then we insert your new immediate denture. 

You wear the denture continually for one to three days. It will probably feel tight because the gums are swollen. As the gums and jawbone change shape over the next several months, the surface of the denture will need to be relined at least once for a better fit. 

When the time is right, we will talk with you about creating a new final denture

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