Considering Extraction for a Fractured Tooth

When an extraction is necessary

When the root of a tooth is fractured and cannot be saved, extracting the tooth can be the best choice for relieving pain and preventing infection. 

Some fractured teeth cannot be saved

Many cracked teeth can be treated successfully with root canal therapy and a crown, especially those whose cracks are located above the gumline only. However, these treatments may not save the tooth when a fracture has extended into the root. 

Diagnosis and treatment

You may suspect you have a fractured tooth because

  • the tooth is sensitive to hot or cold.
  • you feel a sharp pain when you chew.

To determine if an extraction is right for your situation, we’ll perform a thorough exam, which typically includes x-rays. However, x-rays may not reveal the crack, so we may analyze your bite to isolate the problem or examine your gums for signs of the fracture. 

If the tooth cannot be saved, it’s important to extract it as soon as possible to prevent pain and infection in the tooth and jawbone. With modern dental techniques, the procedure should be a comfortable one for you. In many cases, we also recommend replacing an extracted tooth to preserve the jawbone and stabilize your bite, so we’ll talk with you about your replacement options. 

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