Superfloss And Floss Threaders

Superfloss benefits difficult areas

To help you remove plaque around bridges, braces and implants, we recommend superfloss and floss threaders.

When you have any kind of dental fixture, it is important to be especially careful about removing plaque. Bridges, braces and implants can trap plaque and food particles in places that are difficult to clean with regular dental floss and a toothbrush.


Superfloss is a special kind of dental floss that comes in pre-cut segments. It has a stiff end that helps thread it through tight areas. It also has a fuzzy tufted segment that removes plaque as you floss.

Insert the superfloss between your braces, under your bridge between the artificial tooth and the gums, or around your implant. Then floss each area like you normally would.

Floss threaders

A floss threader helps you insert floss into tight spots. You simply put floss through the loop, insert the pointed end of the threader into the area you need to floss, and then pull the threader all the way through. This leaves the ends of the floss on either side of the area, ready for you to use.

Remove the floss threader from your mouth, and then use the dental floss as you normally would.

Superfloss and floss threaders are very effective tools for helping you keep your mouth healthy.

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