Alternatives To Implants - Full Arch

Treatment alternatives 

When you are missing a full arch of teeth, you have several choices for replacing them: 
Modify a current denture Wear a new conventional denture Wear an implant-retained denture Delay treatment 

Modifying a current denture 

If you now wear a denture that does not fit well, we may be able to adjust or reline it so that it is more comfortable and functional. Sometimes we can create a better-fitting denture base, reusing the teeth in your current denture. 

Wearing a denture 

If you have not worn a complete denture before, or if your old one needs replacing, we can create a new denture for you. 

Dentures can look good and fit well at the start. However, when teeth are missing, the jawbone gradually shrinks, and in some cases, dentures can accelerate bone loss. This shrinkage changes your appearance. It also causes dentures to become loose, making it difficult to chew and talk and causing sores and tender spots to develop. 

Wearing an implant denture 

An implant denture (fixed denture) is different than a removable denture. A implant denture stays in the mouth, and a removable denture can be taken out of the mouth. Depending on your situation, an implant denture may not be the best choice for you, in which case you have two alternatives to consider: either modify an existing denture or have a new one created. 

Delaying treatment 

If you are thinking about delaying treatment, you should know that the jawbone will continue to shrink due to the missing teeth. This means that delaying treatment now will make future treatment more complex.

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