Considering Implants For A Full Arch

When all of the teeth in an arch are missing, implants can be an excellent choice for replacing them. Implants are small titanium posts that replace the roots of missing teeth and support removable dentures or a full-arch bridge. 

Problems caused by missing teeth 

Missing teeth can cause several dental problems, including loss of bone in the jaw, loose and uncomfortable dentures, and a compromised appearance. 

Jawbone needs the stimulation of chewing to maintain its strength and shape, so when teeth are missing, the bone around the area begins to shrink. 

This shrinkage continues over time; so if you wear a denture, it will become looser and less comfortable. In fact, the lower jawbone can shrink so much that the nerves end up closer to the surface of the bone, making it painful to bite down. 

In addition, as the jawbone shrinks, the space between your chin and nose decreases, flattening your lips and creating wrinkles around your mouth. 

Diagnosis and treatment 

To determine if implants are right for you, we do a thorough examination. The examination includes recording your medical history so we can discuss any condition that may interfere with healing. We perform a visual examination to check the health of your teeth and gums. To check the health of your jawbone, we take panographic x-rays and possibly CT (computerized tomography) scans. We also take impressions and bite registrations to create an accurate model of your mouth. 

When we have thoroughly studied these records, we will be able to discuss which implant treatment options may be best for you. 

Benefits of implants 

A dental implant that supports a full arch bridge or dentures effectively replaces missing teeth. The implant is placed firmly in the jawbone, and it holds the denture or bridge securely in your mouth. This makes it feel much like your natural teeth when you talk and chew. 

An implant also supports the denture by holding your jaws in their correct positions and helping you maintain a more youthful look. In addition, the artificial teeth are custom-crafted to match or enhance your smile. A dental implant is a great way to stabilize your jawbone, keep it healthy, and maintain a stable bite and beautiful smile.

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