Digital Bitewing X-Rays

Bitewing x-rays are the most common x-rays taken in dentistry. They show the upper and lower teeth. We especially use the x-rays to examine the in-between surfaces of your teeth. 

Bitewing x-rays are a necessary part of regular dental checkups. They give us vital information that we cannot get from any other source. 

Benefits of bitewing x-rays 

These x-rays give us valuable information about a variety of oral conditions, including— 

  • cavities between the teeth.
  • tartar on the tooth roots.
  • worn-out or broken fillings or crowns.
  • receding bone levels resulting from periodontal disease. 

Procedure for taking digital bitewing x-rays 

First we cover you with a lead apron to protect your body while we take x-rays of your mouth. Then we place a small sensor inside your mouth so that it lines up properly to get a picture of your upper and lower teeth at the same time. 

Safety of digital bitewing x-rays 

Digital x-ray sensors are quite sensitive, so the amount of radiation exposure is very low. In fact, compared to conventional x-rays, digital x-ray systems can reduce the amount of radiation up to 80 percent.

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