Digital Panoramic X-Ray

Single photo x-ray 

Sometimes we just need to see the bigger picture. That is when a digital panoramic x-ray is the right choice. 

A panoramic x-ray is a single photo that captures an overall view of your teeth, jaws, and surrounding areas. 

Comfortable procedure 

There are no uncomfortable film packets to hold between your teeth. Just ease your chin onto the chin rest, and the camera does the rest. The camera revolves around your head to get a wider, fuller view that is not possible with traditional film x-rays. Your x-ray is done in a matter of seconds. 

Advantages of digital x-rays 

Digital x-rays have advantages over film x-rays. Because there is no film, there are no chemicals to process, and you see your image sooner. This computer image can be enhanced for a better diagnosis. Digital x-rays can be electronically sent to other dentists or insurance companies. Many machines emit up to 80% less radiation than traditional film x-rays. 

We may use the digital panoramic x-ray in conjunction with traditional x-rays to get a detailed picture of your oral health. 

A panoramic x-ray is a great tool for— 

  • planning orthodontic treatment.
  • placing implants.
  • extracting wisdom teeth.
  • diagnosing impacted teeth.
  • finding cysts.
  • diagnosing problems with the jaw joints. 

A digital, panoramic x-ray is one more way to keep your teeth in picture perfect health.

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