Pre-meds prevent infection 

If you have certain heart conditions or have had a joint replaced, we may prescribe antibiotics for you to take before your dental appointment. 

For some patients, pre-medications are necessary to prevent infection. We review your health history and determine if pre-medications are right for you. 

Reviewing your medical history 

Before we prescribe these medications, we ask you about your health history. Let us know if your medical history involves your cardiovascular system, a compromised immune system, or other serious medical problems. 

If you have any drug allergies, or if you have questions or concerns about our procedures, please let us know, so we can protect you and keep your teeth healthy. 

The benefit of pre-medications 

We prescribe these medications to prevent infection. Many common dental procedures, such as routine teeth cleaning, can cause minor bleeding that might allow bacteria to enter your bloodstream. For most patients, these bacteria are harmless, but for some patients, the bacteria can cause serious infections. 

One of these infections is bacterial endocarditis, which is an inflammation of the heart. It can damage the valves of the heart, the heart muscle, or the lining of the heart. Another problem can occur when the bacteria settle in an artificial joint, increasing the risk of infection. 

By prescribing an appropriate antibiotic that you take before your dental appointment, we can help you avoid these risks and help you stay healthy.

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