What is a Pediatric Dentist?

Special Training

Children go through extraordinary growth and rapid changes. Pediatric dentists are trained to address the unique oral health needs of children.

After dental school, a pediatric dentist studies at least another two years learning how to care for the various stages of a child’s growth from before the teeth emerge during infancy, through childhood with baby teeth, to their teen years when they have a complete set of permanent teeth.

Doctor and teacher

A pediatric dentist—


  • Can predict how your child’s mouth will develop and offer preventative measures for problem areas.
  • Understands your child’s developmental stage and can offer age-appropriate care.
  • Can help anxious and uncooperative children relax.
  • Is trained to care for the medically and developmentally-compromised child.


Pediatric dentists and their staffs are also teachers. They provide you and your child with preventative homecare techniques, information on nutrition and the use of sealants and fluoride.

The goal

The goal of the pediatric dentist is to build trust with your child and to help the young patient have a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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