Alternative in Periodontal Medication

Medications Control Infection 

After your scaling and root planing procedure, we may administer medication to control the infection and promote healing.

Depending on your particular case, we may use Arestin, Atridox, or Periostat to administer antibiotics or Periochip to deliver chlorhexidine.


Arestin is an antibiotic that kills the bacteria that cause periodontal disease. It is in a granular substance that we place in the periodontal pocket that formed between your gum and tooth. The moisture in your mouth makes the antibiotic stick to the pocket and tooth surface.

A steady flow of Arestin is released for up to 21 days to reduce pocket depth and the spread of the disease.


Atridox is an antimicrobial antibiotic that kills bacteria and prevents more bacteria from growing. It is a gel that flows into the pocket and quickly turns into a wax-like substance. It releases the antibiotic for about 7 days and then dissolves away.


Periostat is a prescription medication that you take after your scaling and root planing procedure. It reduces the activity of the enzymes that destroy the bone and fibers that hold your teeth in place.


Periochip is another medication that is used at the site of infection. It is a small chip of medication placed between the tooth and gum. As it dissolves, it releases an antimicrobial medication called chlorhexidine, over a 7-­day period of time.

Medication precautions 

These medications are not right for everyone and could interfere with any other prescribed or over-the-counter supplements you may be taking, including vitamins. So, we will ask you about your medical history. 

Arestin, Atridox, and Periostat are in the tetracycline family of drugs. They should not be used by anyone who is pregnant, allergic to tetracycline, or under 8-years old. 

Periochip should not be used by someone who is sensitive to, or allergic to, chlorhexidine, pregnant or nursing. 

These medications can help speed your healing. If one of them is right for you, we will talk to you about how we can get your periodontal disease under control.

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