Alternative to Periodontal Procedures

Chronic Infection

Periodontal disease is a silent and very serious condition.

It usually does not hurt at first, and it can progress slowly, so you might be tempted to ignore it.

Periodontal disease is a chronic infection that can become painful and destroy the bone that supports your teeth. Eventually, so much bone may be lost that your tooth will become loose, and in severe cases, have to be removed.

If you are diagnosed with this disease, your options are limited.

Overall Health Contributor

The bacteria that cause periodontal disease may also contribute to heart disease, respiratory infections, diabetes and pancreatic cancer.

Periodontal bacteria are also suspected of causing complications with pregnancy and low birth weight babies.

For the long term health of your teeth, it is important to get the disease under control.

Choosing Treatment

First, we thoroughly discuss all of your treatment options. We do not recommend delaying treatment because periodontal disease is incurable, but it is treatable.

Treatment includes performing a scaling and root planing procedure to remove plaque and tartar below the gumline. We might insert medicine at the infection site, and in certain cases, surgery may be necessary. We schedule cleanings more than twice a year and instruct you about focused homecare techniques.

We give you the best treatment for your particular needs.

Periodontal disease may be silent and serious, but the sooner you begin treatment, the better chance we have of bringing it under control. 

Our goal is to save your smile.

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