Gingivectomy Procedure

Excess Gum Tissue

A gingivectomy is a procedure in which we remove excess gum tissue. We may recommend it for a variety of reasons.

A person with periodontal disease may need a gingivectomy to:

  • Reduce pockets that trap bacteria.
  • Remove diseased gum tissue.


Gum tissue can need to be reshaped because certain medications caused it to thicken and grow.

A gingivectomy reshapes gum tissue to give someone an esthetically pleasing smile.


Once the area is numb, a special instrument gently removes the excess or diseased gum tissue.

Next, we shape and contour the gums to enhance your smile’s natural beauty.

The procedure usually only takes about an hour and can be done in our office. You gums should be completely healed in just a couple of weeks.

A gingivectomy is a safe and predictable procedure that can dramatically improve your smile.

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