Alternatives To Root Canal Therapy

Treatment alternatives

Once the inner pulp layer of a tooth has become infected, your choices are limited. You could choose to
extract the tooth.delay the tooth with root canal therapy.

Extracting the tooth

An extraction is only a short-term solution because teeth need each other for support. While an extraction does remove the infection, a missing tooth sets off a chain reaction of shifting teeth, receding jawbone, increased risk for decay and gum disease, and other dental problems. 

Delaying treatment 

If you choose to delay treatment, you should know that an infected tooth will never heal on its own. As the infection spreads down the tooth and into your jawbone, the pain may become excruciating. The infection also can become more wide-spread and potentially threaten your life. 

Choosing root canal therapy 

When the pulp of the tooth has been infected, root canal therapy is the best choice for removing infection, saving your tooth, and keeping your mouth and smile healthy.

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