Cast Post And Core

Replacing a missing portion of a tooth 

When a tooth is severely broken down, there may not be enough tooth structure to securely hold a crown. We use a cast post and core to replace the missing portion of the tooth. 

A cast post and core is a one-piece unit. The post section is placed into the inner part of the tooth, and the core provides a foundation for a crown. It is precision-crafted in a dental laboratory, so the procedure may take two or more appointments. 

The procedure 

The procedure is performed after the tooth has been treated with root canal therapy and before placing the crown. On your first visit, we numb the area completely to keep you comfortable. We may also place a rubber dam to protect your mouth while we work. Then we remove any decay and shape the tooth to accept the final crown. 

We remove some of the filling material that was placed into the roots of the tooth during the root canal procedure. Then a space is prepared in the inner part of the tooth for the post and core. 

Next we make a specialized impression that will provide the exact dimensions of both the inner and outer portions of the tooth. Using the impression, the lab makes the post and core to precisely fit your tooth and the final crown. In the meantime, we usually place a temporary crown to protect your tooth. 

On your next visit, we remove the temporary, cement in the new post and core, and then adjust it if necessary. Last, we place the crown. 

The benefits of a cast post and core 

Placing a cast post and core in a tooth prior to placing a crown 
strengthens the tooth. provides stability for the crown. 
A cast post and core procedure is an important step in saving a tooth that has been severely damaged by fracture or decay.

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