Rubber Dam

Rubber dam protects the mouth 

A rubber dam is a thin, protective sheet of rubber that covers your mouth, teeth, and back of your throat. It keeps your teeth dry and isolated, and using it allows us to do a better job. 

The procedure for placing a rubber dam 

To place a rubber dam, we first spread it against a special frame. Next, we put holes in it that match the teeth we are going to work on. 

To hold the rubber dam in place, we slide a small clamp over one of your teeth and then secure the rubber dam to the clamp. 

The benefits of a rubber dam 

We use a rubber dam to protect you from swallowing or inhaling liquids, small particles, and vapors that are produced when we are working in your mouth. It protects you like a safety net. Nothing can fall to the back of your throat. 

It also keeps your teeth dry and isolated, which may be necessary for some procedures. Normally, your teeth are bathed in saliva, and this is usually beneficial to them. However, some of the adhesives we use when restoring your teeth require a dry environment to bond properly. In addition, when we are working on your teeth, the rubber dam enables us to prepare your tooth with precision. 

A rubber dam may feel a little strange at first, but it adds another layer of protection for you, it lets us work faster and more effectively, and it comes off quickly and easily.

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