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Decay is difficult to find and see 

The best time to find a cavity is when it is first starting. The earlier we find a cavity, the easier it is to repair. 

Small cavities can be hard to see in x-rays, and a traditional explorer can miss a cavity in a deep groove or that is hiding below the tooth’s surface. 

New-age technology 

We have a device that can find decay with accuracy and ease. It is small and light, about the size of a pen. 

To use it, we first gently clean away the plaque on your teeth. 

The cavity detector uses light technology to search out even the smallest cavity. The thin tip allows it to fit in very tight spaces, so we can get maximum coverage. When it finds decay, it emits a signal. 


This device is comfortable for children who do not like to have x-rays taken and for expectant mothers who want to limit their exposure to radiation. 

This advanced technology helps us detect a small cavity before it becomes a big problem

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