Compu Dent

A computer injection system 

Completely comfortable. Provides optimum flow.

The CompuDent system, featuring the Wand, is a new computer technology that helps reduce the discomfort associated with the anesthetic used to numb your teeth before treatment. 

How does the Wand work? 

The pinch you may have felt when we numbed your mouth in the past was actually the pressure of the anesthetic. The Wand provides a steady flow of anesthetic, which eliminates the pressure and virtually eliminates any pain. 

The key to its effectiveness is a computer-enhanced pump that controls the pressure and volume of anesthetic. The Wand first delivers a small drip of anesthetic. Then, as anesthetic begins to flow, the computer automatically produces an optimum flow rate. The benefits for you are— 

  • increased comfort.
  • a smaller dose of anesthetic.
  • specific-tooth numbness,often avoiding the widespread numb feeling. 

We’re pleased to introduce you to the Wand, a reliable new technology that helps eliminate the pain and anxiety associated with dental anesthetic.

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