What Is NTI?

Do you suffer from debilitating tension headaches, migraine pain, or painful problems with your jaw joint? While a variety of lifestyle and health issues can complicate these problems, recent research has shown that intense, prolonged jaw clenching is the main cause of these symptoms.

When muscles have been constantly contracting, they become tense and sore. Clenching keeps the muscles involved in opening and closing your jaw in a constant state of tension and varying degrees of pain. It can also strain your sinuses and cause your neck to feel stiff.

How the NTI Tension Suppression System works

Fortunately, we now have a simple device that can significantly reduce the intensity of jaw clenching and the painful problems it causes. It’s called the NTI Tension Suppression System. It works by preventing contact between the molars and canine teeth. Without this contact, your jaw cannot clench intensely, and your muscles will not become fatigued. The NTI is a small acrylic appliance that’s customized to fit your bite precisely. It’s about the size of the top third of your thumb, and it’s worn securely over your upper front teeth while you sleep or at other times when you find yourself clenching.

To see how the NTI appliance suppresses jaw clenching, place a pencil between your molars and bite down firmly. Then, place your fingers just above and to the side of one of your eyes. That’s your temporal muscle bulging out in intense contraction. Finally, move the pencil so it’s between your front teeth, and bite down again. You’ll notice that your temporal muscle is contracting much less vigorously. The NTI appliance is worn between your front teeth to reduce the fatigue in your temporal muscle.

One appointment is all it takes

In just one appointment, we can create your NTI appliance. First, we try it in, and precisely customize its fit by lining it with a plastic material. Once the customized portion has hardened, we carefully make any final adjustments and polish it.

The NTI is the only device approved by the FDA for the prevention of migraine pain. It’s twice as effective as any preventive medication. In clinical trials, 82 percent of migraine sufferers experienced an average of 77 percent fewer migraines within the first 8 weeks of use. The NTI Tension Suppression System is an easy, effective way to treat your headaches and jaw pain without medication or extended therapy.

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